Most interesting Soviet actress (85 photos)

It's about those people whom we loved and often seen as a child on television.
The most favorite movies were exactly in that period.
Let's take a look at the full of these wonderful women, recall biography and talk about their beauty.

Natalya Varley


Natalya Varley was born on 06.22.1947 in the Romanian city of Constanta in a family of sea captain. As the family legend, Varley - Welsh surname. Ancestors Natalia Vladimirovna of Russia were in Wales. In the XIX century the Russian manufacturer has brought to Russia stables and two brothers jockeys named Varley. Then they married Russian girls and finally Russified.

Natasha's childhood took place in Murmansk. From the early years of the future actress proved to be an extremely gifted child. In four years, she began to write poetry, then went to music school, drew. When learned to read, was avidly devour one book after another.

But at the same time she was very sickly child: she was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease and banned from the school physical education.


In the late '50s Varley family settled in Moscow. One day, my mother took Natasha to the circus. They came earlier than the set time, and then suddenly a heavy rain. Mum Natasha hid the box office, and the first thing the girl saw there was an announcement on the recruitment of children 11-13 years in child circus studio. The very next day, in secret from their parents, the girl went to the address provided. It may seem strange, but, measurements of Natasha and down, checking its flexibility and stretch, studio teachers found it possible to take her to him.

N. Varley tells herself: "We, the Studio, often held on the representations in the prologues. I remember when I was an exchange of money Khrushchev in 1961, we have composed for a dance called "Cents penny gained." We have a huge plywood penny on each side ran out into the arena and shouted joyfully: "Cents", and the last, the tenth "penny" screaming "Dime" And once again, running in the victorious march invincible penny, I'm stuck between the audience. "Pennies" paid off without me, and turned dime of nine cents. All laughed a lot. By the way, I met on the idea of ​​Yuri Nikulin »

In 1965, she graduated from the School of Varley Circus and Variety Arts, and came to the troupe of the Moscow Circus on the colored Boulevard. Worked tightrope walker. At one time, acted in the same room with the famous clown Leonid Yengibarov: dancing with castanets on a trapeze while sitting on a stool and played the concertina. And thanks Yengibarov Natasha hit the cinema. This occurred under the following circumstances ...

"Prisoner of the Caucasus»

Yengibarov several years starred in films and had many friends in the cinematic medium. One of his buddies was a director of the Odessa Film Studio George Yungvald-Khil'kevich. One day in 1966 he came to the next presentation to the circus on the colored Boulevard and saw Natasha, she liked him so much that he immediately invited her to star in his new film "The formula of the rainbow." And Varley agreed. She got a small role of the nurse.

Unfortunately, the picture on the screen and then not released, finding in it a sedition. However, despite this setback, the shooting of the film was joined by Varley good service and that is where it drew the attention of assistant Leonid Gaidai, which in those days was getting ready to shoot the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus." Varley invited to sample.

On the role of the student-Komsomol Nina in the film claimed nearly about five hundred actresses, including such stars of Soviet cinema, as Natalia Fateeva, Vertinsky sister, Natalia Kustinskaya, Valentine Malyavina, Vic Fedorov, etc. However Gaidai after much deliberation decided to stay on did not anyone famous circus artist, 19-year-old Natalya Varley. And, as it turned out, was right.

Natalya Varley recalls his audition: "I came to the" Mosfilm ". They gave me a piece to read from the script. Then he filmed a scene with a donkey. And suddenly Gaidai timidly asked me, "Natasha, and if you can strip down to a bathing suit?" I replied, "Sure." And partitions. All and gasped. This is now the actors freely exposed, and then the cinema and the whole country were more chaste. But I have something swimsuit was a daily circus uniform, and therefore no thoughts arose. In short, they took off and this episode. Perhaps he decided to choose ».

Then came the shooting: "Until now, I remember every day of shooting. There were many funny and kazusnyh and dramatic situations. For example, I almost crushed the famous trio. Remember when they were on the road with Vitsin middle? I'm racing on a red car, and she suddenly refused brakes. Thank God, the response of our finest comedians was excellent.

Forever remain in the memory of the first experience of artistic transformation. Before that, I actually played herself. The image of the Nina in "Caucasian Captive" is completely different to me in my life, I was never confident, mischievous, upbeat, rather - a quiet, dreamy, romantic. So Gaidai of me right on the set of sculpted "Komsomol, sportswoman and just beautiful".

And one more thing, not a comedy recollection is connected not with the shooting, and already viewing the finished film. We presented it to the Commission and saw more, of course, not on the screen, and its members. They had the stone faces! We have a feeling a complete failure. But then there was another preview - Cinema House. There, the audience laughed from the first to the last frame. Frankly, the reaction of the commission to me so to this day do not understand, but I remember the horror that it caused in the soul.

Premiere of "The Caucasian Captive" was held in Moscow on April 1, 1967. The success of the picture was deafening. Varley came to fame-Union. Since then, she literally did not allow the passage of excited admirers of her talent. Natalya Varley won the hearts of audiences with their beauty and charm. The song "athletes, Komsomol and Beauty" by Nina about polar bears sang the whole country. Varley wrote the letter, a declaration of love.

When she came to the circus on tour in Gorki, near the building where the presentation took place, gathered an impressive crowd that wanted to get an autograph from a young star. This crowd was at the circus for three days, with each day increasing in size. In the end, our heroine had to quickly withdraw from the circus through the back door and divert away from this place. In another city actress settled on the second floor of the hotel, and every evening it climbed to the balcony fans who persistently offered her hand in marriage.

It is worth noting that, despite such a huge success of the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus", she Varley got him first prize of 200 rubles, plus another 100 when success was repeated.

Natalia herself about this film says: "Among the 60 paintings, which I've done, my main audience for the film is" Prisoner of the Caucasus. " It's a special film. Special. It is repeated again and again, and each time it looks ... On the set of "Caucasian Captive" remember everything ... it was more complicated than fun. My life would have developed very differently, do not be a "Caucasian Captive". It has changed my fate, turned my whole life story. I'm not going to go to drama school to the film ".

The change in the fate of

The success of "Caucasian Captive" abruptly changed the fate of Natalya Varley. She pokilula circus and enrolled in drama school Shchukin.

Another event in the life of an actress was her marriage. In late 1969, she married her classmate Vladimir Tikhonov, the son of world-famous actors Nonna Mordyukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov. Despite the fact that in the future they parted ways, Varley their first husband says good things. Here's how she describes the story of her marriage: "Volodya fell in love with me when I saw the" Caucasian captive ". He was young, strong, strong. We had common graduation performances, I was playing Snow White, he - Mezgirya. He was a very capable man, with beautiful appearance, good in fact. Volodya four years, spent the night in the attic, to see how I pass by. But when we got married, he was jealous of me to every lamppost. There were people who said to him: "I was with her." And we sort things out in a day! »

It should be noted that somewhere in the last year, "Pike" in the fate Varley was a man who could easily give it a comfortable future is far away from the home. However, they broke up.

N. Varley recalls: "We were in the school came from Belgium students of theater schools. He headed this company Harmegins Lucien, the son of the Minister of Defence of Belgium. We all became friends. Then, when they got back home, I began to receive letters from Lucien. Invited to stay in Belgium, called to his villa in Nice. And so I had no idea anything wrong, offered to take a friend. In general, fell in love and very much wanted to marry me. But at the time I had completely different plans. If he appeared in my life before Vladimir, perhaps things would be different ».

Roles 60

In late October 1967, the premiere of yet another film in which Varley played a major role. This is a picture K. Ershov and G. Kropacheva "Wii". It is safe to say that it was the first horror film in our national cinema. Varley has played a role in it Pannochki.

The actress recalls, "The shooting of this happened many times to me terribly. For example, when I fell out of the coffin. The coffin was tied a long rope to the jib crane and raced at high speed in a circle. At some point, I lost my balance and fell, flew upside down. Not even had time to regroup. Leon Kuravlev caught me. He proved, we can say miracles circus partnership. With me nothing happened, and the country was a rumor that I died ...

Generally only much later I realized what a terrible sin was to act in the film "Wii" ... Behind him stretched loop misfortunes. It seemed like everything in life was crumbling. Betrayal, infidelity, separation, slander, and then the death of her husband, although even the former ».

In addition to the film's "Wii" Varley in the late 60's also starred in the films: "Seven Brides Zbrueva Corporal", "12 chairs", and others. In the comedy Gaidai "The Twelve Chairs" she played Lisa, auditioned for the role of which is also an actress Natalia Gurzo. Natalia Varley: "At first, I auditioned for the role Ellochka ogress. But then Leonid Iovich asked me to try blonde wig - and the hour saw me Lisa. I agreed. This role was not as eccentric, but a more intimate ».


After graduating from drama school in 1971, Varley admitted to the troupe of the Stanislavsky. In the theater, her first big role was Rose-Marie Fay N. Pogodina in the play "Albert Einstein." Then she received two more leading roles, but to play them it did not succeed for very prosaic reason: she was pregnant. Soon, born the son, who was named Basil. However, by the time a young family is falling apart: Vladimir Tikhonov became increasingly abused alcohol in the house on this ground is constantly taking place scandals. And in 1971, Varley decided to divorce. In 1990, Vladimir Tikhonov died of acute heart failure due to drug and alcohol abuse.

In 1972, a month after the baby is born, Varley returned to the stage. It was very hard, so they had to be torn between the house and theater. When Basil was three years old, she began to carry it with you on a tour around the country. Why the child can not be left in the care of their parents? The fact that the parents of the actress at the time seriously ill, and the parents of the child's father - Nikolai Tikhonov and Mordjukova - were busy with their own problems (at Tikhonov for the year to a daughter, Anne Vasey).

Returning to the theater Varley was difficult. She recalls: "The first part was put into play for two rehearsals. I'm a little out of shape, terribly complexed. In the hall were my parents had a lot of text. And in the first emotional scene, I suddenly felt that I was "peremknulo" with excitement and I can not think of a single word! I broke out in a cold sweat. In the circus, when choking excitement - and I'm mad coward, afraid of heights - standing in the aisles of my colleagues who have supported me internally, and I calmed down. And here I turned to the scenes and saw the eyes of the actors, who rejoiced my failure. All they knew the text. I looked to the other side scene - the same thing. The look of my partner was read quipped: "Well, Zvezdulka?" It lasted a minute. I looked him in the eye: "Boris, I forgot to text ..." He suggested one word, I caught the word for it and remembered all the rage. I realized that no one in the theater support you will not like the circus. Although there is also envy cut cables, people died ... But this is rare, largely in the circus is a feeling of comradeship ... »

During his work in the theater Varley had four major director, and her position in it was stable, shaky. Envious been translated. Once Varley arrived from abroad and brought out a beautiful blouse. On the first day of wearing it in the theater, but when after the show returned to the dressing room, she saw that someone on the jacket of his colleagues are burnt a huge hole.

In another case, it was to play the role of Natalie in "My Past and Thoughts." Directed by Sandro Tovstonogov promised that the show will go in one part and if someone gets sick from the cast, the show canceled. However, it was necessary to happen that shortly before the premiere Varley landed in the hospital. And then he broke out around the role of intrigue, in the end, it got another actress. About the promise the director is no longer remembered.

Second child

As mentioned above, Varley is the age of four she started writing poetry. She did not leave this session and in later years, and eventually decided to get their diplomas to three a fourth: in the early 80's, she entered the Literary Institute (because of it even left the theater stage). In 1986, when I was a sophomore, gave birth to her second child, who was named Alexander. Who is the father - remained a mystery.

Natalya Varley remembers the birth of the child: "I then studied at the Institute of Literature. Was pregnant. I remember typing a test on the history of the CPSU (it turns out at the end of pregnancy can not be typing due to harmful vibrations). Started preterm labor. The child cried out immediately after birth. If it was not accidentally turned around pediatrician Alexey Grachev, then I would have lost a son. Later, the doctor left the seminary, became a minister of the church and our family confessor. A avalanche of miseries and misfortunes of our family subsided only after we are baptized into the church and began to try to live according to the commandments of God ».

Other film work

In the 70 - 80 years Varley was shot many, but most of these films did not go beyond averages. The most successful among them were the films "Big attraction", "My dad is an idealist," "I do not want to be an adult».

Since the mid 90's Natalya Varley practically ceased to act in films. The actress explains that she does not offer a suitable role: "I recently read a scenario in which I play the role of a woman giving birth in the elevator. Or a scenario in which I do not need out of bed to get out. I'm not a prude, but still belong to the actors of the old school ».

The last notable work of Natalya Varley in movies in the 90s was the movie "The Wizard of Oz" (1994), where she played just two witches: Gingham and Bastinda.


In 1994, she graduated from the Faculty of Natalya Varley poetry Literary Institute. She writes poetry, together with composer Nikolai Hornet released two giant disk copyright songs - "At the highest point of unity" and "Do not die, love," and two CDs of "Living Water" (1996) and "Do not truncate me, the string "(1999). CDs with songs Natalia, she said, snapping up willingly. And, judging by the number of spectators who come to her creative meetings, even in spite of a long absence from the screen, the actress is still one of the most famous in Russia.


Not to sit idle, Varley has agreed to duplicate numerous TV series, which in the mid 90's flooded Russian television. Natalya Varley, "I voiced about 2000, and duplicate roles. When it was the work of the "Wild Rose", where I voiced Veronica Castro to me on the street, people approach, thanks. Well, when they say, "Thank you for the" Caucasian captive "I'm not surprised. And then - "Wild Rose"! Well, nice: it means that I was able to get into character, to merge with it ".

Natalya Varley still practically in films: "I do not fit into the" new "cinema, forgetting about spirituality. I'm tired to give up scenarios that do not warm the soul. Is the moral support that has not been canceled. Anything goes - from the evil one. I have the strength and courage to refuse to waste paper, neither in the "Strawberry Shortcake", or in other series, thank God, I was shot ».

Disappointed in modern cinema, Natalya Varley was the presenter of the program "household chores". Here's how the program was born from the words most actresses: "Something like I already suggested Andrew Rasbash. That project was called "Kitchen" and his sponsor was ready to speak, "Knorr". Then I refused, saying that no advertising is removed. But with the ATV we did the transfer to some extent acting, where I was allowed to and improvise, and take some part of the preparation of the script itself. Letters from all parts of our vast country still. Letters are different - and the recipes, and with thanks, and the indignant: how, say, you are not ashamed to talk about ananansah deep-fried, when the people in the regions of starving? But we have amazing people who know how to cook a variety of meals from the fact that they grow in their gardens.

Personal life

Natalya Varley loves to decorate the house with all sorts of trinkets. As she admits, "I have collected an incredible number of things - khokhloma, ceramics, Zhostovo trays, carving. And I felt that things began to force me! Now I just give them ".

About her cats - they have nine actresses - are legendary. "They're for my family! All of them - Salary, Pension, and twins Bondik Pondik etc. - Relatives nerozdannye kittens. In addition pussies that fans have thrown my neighbor on-naytsu Volodya Asimov. My mom has not been able to accept the fact that I have so many cats. But one day, when she had a heart attack, they are literally stuck to it - and feel better. Since then, she treats them with respect. When I start to hurt the joints, the spine (the memory of the trauma in the circus), they begin to murmur, "sing" and crush me. Soon I start to feel that renewed strength and pain stops. So the cat - the most powerful healers home ".

The eldest son of Basil graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Arts, in 1995, had a son, Jack. The younger son, Sasha is now studying at the Faculty of Humanities University journalism.

Natalia recently remarried, "In my life there was Volodya. This is my new husband - we got married on the eve of Carnival. What can I say about him? Thank God he's not an actor. We married, and I do not want to say much on this subject, though not superstitious ».

Natalya Varley and now looks fine. As they say - "Caucasian Prisoner" is always twenty-five years. Special secret beauty she does not: "I am too lazy to exercise regularly, sometimes start to run down the boulevard, then - the swim ... I do not hold any system in the diet. Eat what you want, what the eye will "fall." But the positions are always strictly observe. And the age, I think it is, first and foremost, a state of mind ».

Anastasia Vertinskaya


Anastasia Vertinskaya (born 19.12.1944, Moscow) - a representative of the glorious art and artistic dynasty Vertinskaya. Her father, Alexander Vertinsky (1889-1957), the great Russian singer, composer, poet, actor, one of the founders of Russian art song genre. Mother - Vertinskaya (Tsirgvava) Lidia, artist and actress.

The older sister Anastasia Vertinskaya - Marianna A. Vertinsky (1943) - an actress of the State Academic Theater Vakhtangov.

His daughters Vertinsky tried to give the best possible education, attention, paying for music lessons and learning of foreign languages. Anastasia Vertinskaya remembers about his father: "He was trying to fully develop us: taught to love literature, art, music, thought that regardless of who his daughter become an adult, they must be versatile educated».

Once caught himself and decided that they did not raise their children as "not Soviet," Vertinsky outfitted Nastya and Marianne to summer camp. Collected two German leather suitcase, there have imposed warm clothes and all sorts of products and daughters were sent there, where they were to make these Soviet citizens. "Oh, it was an experience indeed! I remember nothing about this camp except wild hunger "- says Anastasia. When they returned home, they had one fiber suitcase for two, in which lay a faded T-shirt with embroidered "Nick K." and satin panties, with the inscription "4 squad." With a wild obscenities at all the letters of the alphabet, combing the hair to the lousy blood sister burst into the apartment. Do not greeting the parents, they rushed into the kitchen and began to eat burgers hands, continuing to swear. Stunned father long standing in the hallway, and then in the confusion went to his office. After a vain effort to bring lice, girls shaved bald, and then sent to the resort - a rest after the camp.

The first film roles

In 1961, still a schoolgirl, Anastasia made her debut in the film, playing a major role in the film Alexander gonna Ptushko "Scarlet Sails" on the novel by Alexander Grin, which were also employed many current and future stars of Soviet cinema, including Basil Lanovoi, Ivan Pereversev Sergei Martinson, Oleg Anofriev. Uncommon appearance, sincerity in the performance helped the young actress to win the sympathy of the audience.

Truth says in the film gonna voice actress Nina Gulyayeva. "Nastia was 15 years old, and she was not able to voice their professional character - says Nina Gulyaev. - Therefore, the director invited me dubbing ».

Anastasia herself Vertinskaya gonna reluctantly recalls her, and says that later became a famous actress, hated her first role: "I was not really sure what to do in front of the camera, how to move and what to say».

The second played the role brought her even greater fame - Vertinskaya Gutierrez starred in a fantastic tape Gennady Kazansky and Vladimir Chebotarev "Amphibian Man" staged by the book by Alexander Belyaev.

In 1962 Vertinskaya eighteen years of age admitted to the troupe of the Moscow Pushkin Theater. Young actress toured extensively, in the actor's teams traveled all over the country.

The role of global

Young Anastasia Vertinskaya was already on the crest of success, and in the glow of viewers love when fate gave her meeting with the Prince of Denmark - Innocent Smoktunovsky. Her eighteen-year non-professional actress, director Grigory Kozintsev invited for the role of Ophelia in the film adaptation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet", the role of the international repertoire. It was difficult to expect from the non-professional and, naturally, an inexperienced actress deep immersion in the image, but Vertinskaya managed, enter the image in many ways helped her brilliant music of Shostakovich.

A year after the production of "Hamlet" Kozintsev in the introductory lecture "On Directing" wrote: "She had a real eighteen years old, gorgeous, very suitable for the image of Shakespeare external data - fragility, purity, shape, similar to the portraits of the early Renaissance. But its spiritual content, to put it mildly, was not so great. Maybe she will suffer in life and it will develop a spiritual being, but when I started working with her, it was tiny, and the image had to sculpt. Everything was good: and arms and neck, and gait, but his heart was not beating. Heart aflutter Shostakovich. It happens ».

The very Vertinskaya said then: "This role is said to play - and die. And if only nineteen years old, and to live, to work and work every day to prove that the "miracle" was not a miracle that you can become an actress? »

Ophelia became a landmark for the role of Anastasia Vertinskaya. She first realized that he wanted to become an actress. G. Kozintsev, presence, IM Smoktunovsky, Shakespeare, the atmosphere, the approach to the material - all united in a profession that not only trade, but also the mystery.

After "Hamlet" Vertinskaya becoming one of the most sought-after actresses. As a student named after BV Shchukin Theater School, she was invited to the role of Lisa in the epic Bolkonskaya Sergei Bondarchuk's "War and Peace" (1966-1967). "Director Sergei Bondarchuk offered a bold and unexpected interpretation of the image, in which the" little princess "became a tragic figure - says A.Vertinskaya. - Not far, foolish, limited a woman. Pretty, pretty and comfortable. Perhaps, stay she was alive, we would love it. After all, she was the wife of Prince Andrew, and she with him? .. I think the way they would have gone anyway, they were too different. But Lisa died. And in the soul of Prince Andrew on life remained silent this tragic question: "Why? For what? For what a man was killed? "I think Tolstoy warned here on that fatal mistake that we sometimes commit, not noticing the love of neighbor. While filming in "War and Peace", I realized that I can not playing the tragedy to create an image of the tragic sound ».


In 1966, she married Vertinskaya Nikita Mikhalkov, later famous actor and film director. In the same year they had a son Stepan. Their marriage lasted less than four years. Anastasia was by then already famous, and Nikita starred in his first film. Around them was a whirlwind of fans and admirers, and Nikita had already developed a certain formula wife: she must sit in the estate, that is to say in the country, have children, make jam and wait for her husband. Anastasia was theoretically agree with this formula, but the under it, alas, did not fit. Broke up with Nikita, she retained respect for him, his son had never said a single bad word about my father. Anastasia came later remarried - for the singer Alexander Gradskiy. But the marriage had suffered the same fate. This experience has strengthened dislike the actress to marriage, and marriage is no longer coming out.

Princess Kitty

In 1967 she graduated from Anastasia Vertinskaya Theater School. Shchukin.

Following the "War and Peace" Vertinskaya starred as Kitty Shtcherbatskaya in another film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" (1968). She was charming in stages of pregnancy Tolstoy heroines. Her little princess Kitty carried the mystery before which admired the great writer. Having played at such a young age role in the movie tops the world classical literature, Vertinskaya achieved extraordinary popularity.


Since 1968, Anastasia Vertinskaya - the leading actress of the Moscow theaters: Pushkin Theater, Vakhtangov, "Contemporary", and later played in the theater of drama and comedy Taganka, Moscow Art Theater (1980-1989).

"Cinema does not give the necessary confidence - says Vertinskaya - I have to admit, I'm maturing slowly. And just going from the "Contemporary" at the Moscow Art Theatre, was on the necessary and appropriate level of professionalism itself ».

Among her works in the theater - Nina Nina ("The Seagull," Chekhov), HELENA ("Uncle Vanya," Anton Chekhov), Lisa ("The Living Corpse" Leo Tolstoy), Elmira ("Tartuffe "Moliere), Dottie (" Perfect Sunday picnic "Tennessee Williams), as well as leading roles in productions of" Peace we can only dream of, "" 12th Night "," Valentin and Valentina ". In a unique theatrical experiment, Anatoly Efros - production of "Tempest" by William Shakespeare Anastasia Vertinskaya played two roles - Prospero and Ariel.

And on the screen and on stage Anastasia Vertinskaya embodies images of literary characters from the works of many different forms and genres, penned by writers of different eras and trends. She - Actress subtle psychological depth and, according to the great director Anatoly Efros, "so physically is natural and has such a fine actor's grace that it seems unbelievable at times».

In 1989, the Russian viewers were able to see her extraordinary performance as his father conceived and staged her own play "Mirage Road or Russian Pierrot", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Alexander Vertinsky. The play was written by Anastasia Vertinskaya on the memoirs of his father.

Popular actress

While working in the theater Anastasia Vertinskaya continues to shoot a lot. For "Anna Karenina" was followed by the painting: "Lovers" (1969), "Do not worry!" (Directed G.Daneliya, based on the novel by French writer Claude Tile "My Uncle Benjamin", 1969), "The case of Polynin" (according to the story . Simon, 1971), "Premature man" (director A.Room, unfinished novel by Maxim Gorky "Yakov Bogomolov"), "Man in his place ..." Almost simultaneously with the work in the film based on the novel Gorky Anastasia Vertinskaya starred in movie based on the story Schwartz "Shadow". In 1978, Mikhail Kazakov shot TV movie "Nameless Star" on the play by Romanian writer Mihail Sebastian and Anastasia Vertinskaya in the title role. The role of Mona was for Vertinskaya organic, and therefore successful, on which the actress always remembered with fondness.

In 1979, director George Jungvald-Khil'kevich Anastasia Vertinskaya invited to voice the role of Constance Bonacieux, played by Irina Alferov. According to the director, "She did it just fine, so shakily. Because she was in love - after the "Nameless Star" she had an affair with Misha Kozakov, who also voiced the cardinal. Maybe both of them about it unpleasant to remember. But let them forgive me, because it was just gorgeous and very beautiful ».

Born Soviet girl Vertinskaya did not become a Soviet actress. There was a time when a film she simply had nothing to play - starring standard ideological Soviet films. According to the actress, "I have no regrets about any of the rejected my role. On the contrary - only those that giving up the slack, unfortunately played. But soon realized that acting is often - not to be in a cage or become more popular and well-known ».

Anastasia Vertinskaya repeatedly shot of the beautiful and talented actors. In the television series "The Gadfly" (1980) on the novel by English writer Ethel Lilian Voynich, where she played Gemma, Arthur made his debut in the role of Andrei Kharitonov. Which appeared in the wake of "The Gadfly" film "Stealing" based on Jack London once again hosted the duo Anastasia Vertinskaya and Innocent Smoktunovsky. In 1980, Anastasia Vertinskaya was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the RSFSR," and in 1988 - "People's Artist of the Russian Federation».

In 1988, the screen came just two pictures with Anastasia Vertinskaya - "Wait Don Quixote and Sancho" (novel by Cervantes), and "The New Adventures of Yankee in King Arthur. Fantasy on a Theme of Mark Twain. " In these films, Anastasia Vertinskaya played two "negative" character: the Duchess and Queen Morgan.

In 1991, she starred in the directorial debut of Andrei Kharitonov "Thirst passion" based on the prose of Valery Bryusov "The Earth's axis. Stories and dramatic scenes (1901-1906) ":" In the mirror. From the archives of the psychiatrist, "" Now, when I woke up. Notes of a psychopath, "" Marble head. The story tramp ", etc. In this film actress brilliantly creates an image of a refined aristocrat" Belle Epoque "and jerking passions.

Among the last works of Anastasia Vertinskaya - role in the film "In the city of Sochi dark nights" (directed by Pichul), Marguerite in "The Master and Margarita" (1994, directed by Yu.Kara) based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov and Atamansha in the picture the tragedy "The Bremen Town Musicians" (1999).

On the role of Marguerite in the film adaptation of the famous novel by Bulgakov claimed many actresses Elena Mayorov, Anna Samokhina, Vera Sotnikov, Irina Alferov ...

However, Yuri Kara chose forever young Vertinskaya: "She has a lot of advantages. First, a great actress, and secondly - the nobility of the breed. Blood - says the cow. Well, in general, it has become a favorite of the producers. Although many of the actresses appeared well and were worthy to be Margaret. " Unfortunately, due to some reasons, the film was never released to the screen.

Teaching activities

For a number of years, along with Alexander Vertinsky Anastasia Kalyagin taught acting at Oxford, Paris (with the theater "Comedie Francaise," in Chekhov's school), in Switzerland (at the European Film School). On the stage of the Paris Theater «Nanterre des Amandiers» together with the students staged "Chekhov. Act III », which includes third acts of" Uncle Vanya "," Three Sisters "and" The Cherry Orchard. " The most climactic acts of Chekhov's collected in one performance, helped to create and to feel a certain image of our time.


In recent years, Anastasia Vertinskaya see on stage or on screen is not easy. The actress believes that now is the time it is demanded in some capacity, not only as the creator of the stage and screen, but also as the creator of life - the creator of the idea. In 1991, she created and led by Foundation for Russian actors (from 1996 - Foundation for the actors). This idea was born from the awareness of the tragic situation in which Russia was theater. In addition to providing charitable assistance to the most needy veterans and theater fund aims to support initiatives and endeavors of young actors, directors, playwrights, and teachers. Under the guidance of Anastasia Vertinskaya and her personal involvement Fund supports the house-museum of Boris Pasternak in Peredelkino, the museum of Chekhov, Russian State Library for Arts, the church of the Assumption of the Virgin in Putinki, theater blind and visually impaired children, etc. Thanks to the efforts of Anastasia Vertinskaya were monuments to O.Borisovu actors and V.Kapustinoy, a plaque on the house where he lived, Mark Bernes. With its direct involvement in France and Russia have been restored and released a CD with recordings of Alexander Vertinsky «Alezandre Vertinsky», «Songs of Love," "Legends of the century».


Anastasia Vertinskaya is the author of TV programs "Golden Section" and "other shore" (by genre: a bit of a literary, musical and philosophical composition "of the soul!" Coming out on the ORT channel.

Just Nastya

For all its popularity, Anastasia Vertinskaya always kept as a little detached from society. She loves the comfort, convenience. Possesses extraordinary culinary talents, especially loves the Siberian, Georgian and Chinese cuisine. Evenings writes short stories, scripts, diaries.

Currently Vertinskaya lives and works in Moscow. It now looks to the thirty-five! People like Vertinskaya, after the age of forty meter starts spinning in the opposite direction. She seemed to accept the mythical "The Makropulos Affair". Virtually no one calls Vertinskaya Anastasia, for all it's still just Nastya. Grandchildren affectionately call her Nana.

Giving life to the theater and cinema, in the family life she has not found herself: "I was obsessed profession. It was clear that my vocation - it is theater. And offer me the formula "a woman is to be a wife ..." was pointless. It's pointless now. I absolutely do not suffer from this, I have no complex single woman. Moreover, it would be awfully hard to live in a marriage - it is an endless affection for her husband, to the circumstances of his life. Marriage - it's austerity. And I'm not ready for her to go. I have a family and so many children, I have enough be cared for no one but me to nothing forces. Son of independent, have grandchildren have parents, babysitters, and I can go where and when I want. Another thing I love them, I am torn to them and if the Saturday - Sunday they are not squeezed, it really miss ».

Son of Anastasia Vertinskaya (from his marriage to the actor and director Nikita Mikhalkov), Stepan Mikhalkov Nikitivich (1966), working in the advertising business, profession - the director, the founder and organizer of the festival videos "Generation". He has a son Basil, the grandson of Anastasia Vertinskaya.

Natalya Selezneva


Natalya Selezneva (Polinkovskaya) was born on 19.06.1945, in a creative family. Her father, Igor Polinkovsky, was a famous photographer in Moscow. In 1966, Natalya Selezneva graduated from the Shchukin Theater School and became an actress theater satire, but her first appearance on the stage took many, many before ...

She was only six years old when little Natasha in the street approached the actor Mikhail Mayorov and led by the hand into his Theater of the Soviet Army in the sample in the play "30 pieces of silver," in which Natalya Selezneva subsequently played for three years.

Yes, Mr. Chance and Lady Luck have made generous contributions to the fate of Natalya Selezneva. One day at one of the performances I saw Natasha children's writer Agnes Barto and decided that in the film "Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character" in its product should be removed just this girl.

Since the film was shot in Leningrad, and also during school hours, Natasha and her mother had a whole year to move to the northern capital. There they were given a room in the hotel "Astoria" and Natasha arranged to the nearest school ...

Then came the painting "Girl and the Crocodile", "Alenka" ... However, while Natalya Selezneva was a little girl and did not understand who brought on the set of her fate, but then it became known last name Shukshina, Zarubina, Vysotsky ...

Girl Lida

Such an early debut on the stage and screen predestined further choice girl. After finishing school in 1963, she entered the Shchukin Theater School. Natalia assumed that would be a serious, dramatic actress. She and the entrance exams with the inspiration of reading a poem by Pushkin. However, teachers have already spotted the first year of the girl comedic talent. Indeed, the first success it has brought her comedic role.

At the trial in one of comedy short films by Leonid Gaidai a series of "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurika" Seleznev invited assistant director. He saw in it an ideal candidate for the role of a girl Lida, in which the main character has fallen in love Shura (Alexander Demyanenko).

About that, how was the statement, the actress says, "I came on the set with Gaidai 18-year-old student, and, of course, totally did not realize then what a luck - a meeting with the director. He was able to find an actor to each its own special approach. Remember, in the short story "Obsession" and my character is a complete stranger to her Shura shtudiruet a tutorial before the exam? They are so focused that everything else is doing a completely mechanical. "It's hot, get undressed!" - Advises Lida Shurik itself, throwing clothes left in a bathing suit ... So, Leonid Iovich, having taken me a look and said, "You need to be in the frame to undress." I nodded. "And how are you with the figure? It seems to be not so ... "-" I have not? "- I was outraged and immediately threw off her dress. Gaidai smiled: "You are approved!" Then he said that I made it easy and relaxed (and in those days it was unbelievable), but at the same time - "chaste", just the way he wanted ... »

The assertion statement, but Natalie still faced a serious conversation with the rector of the school. While Pike strictly prohibited guide their students to act in films. Fortunately, nothing happened. Probably played a name already well-known director, and maybe something else. One way or another, but Natalia safely released to the shooting.

As a result, the role of Lida brought Natalya Selezneva wildly popular, and the short story "Obsession" with its participation was awarded a special prize at the film festival in Czechoslovakia.

Theatre, TV, Film

After Natalya Selezneva starred in the comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai's "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurika," she felt that this genre was created just for her, she was sleeping and saw myself only in the Satire Theater. And its adoption in 1966 to work at the Theatre of Satire Natalya Selezneva considered one of the most important gifts of fate.

Very soon on TV many years and started a very successful television project "Tavern 13 Chairs", which was attended by many actors of the Theatre of Satire. Among them was and Natalya Selezneva. She got the role of a cheerful and incredibly fashionable Mrs. Catherine. The role was very successful, it is enough to say that after each of the next issue "Zucchini" all the female half of the Soviet Union was taken to discuss the new outfit of her character.

Meanwhile, participation in the "marrows" and has played a negative role. Directors, who see only Selezneva Mrs. Katarina no hurry to invite the actress in his paintings. Only Gaidai continued to believe in it. Participation in his new paintings in the 70 years to consolidate the success of Natalia. It subsequently became a legendary comedy "Ivan Vasilievich" she played the wife of Shurika, and in the comedy "No way!" Excellently performed the role of the wife of the singer Barygin-Amur (unforgettable Oleg Dal).


In such a beauty as Natalia Selezneva, could not be fans. In love with her colleagues in the theater, the actors who starred with her in the movie. Novels were innocent, but to what they have not led to serious.

Natalia has found happiness while filming teleskazki "Caliph-Stork" director Victor Khramova. Natalie was 23 years old when she adopted the role of the Princess, and the role went to Prince Vladimir Andreyev. Subsequently recognized as an actress, it was mutual love at first sight. They soon married (wedding itself was not), and a year later, the young son Egor.


Recently, Natalya Selezneva is experiencing a genuine renaissance. She has acted in movies, playing the role of the sometimes shocking. Revolutionary Elena Stasova in the series by Alexander Sorokin's "Thieves and Prostitutes" presents a erotomankoy that advanced in this sense Ksenia Sobchak inadvertently biting his elbows, marveling at the courage of his colleagues in the set. In the 8 serial thriller "movers and shakers" with the famous Annie Girardot Natalya Selezneva has abandoned his wife newfound businessman ...

Continues to delight and theater actress - Selezneva is still playing at the Theater of Satire.

Personal life

Natalya Selezneva and Vladimir Andreev still together - for four decades. As the actress admits, "we - the actors, and sometimes speak in a raised voice. However, until quarrels are not an issue: we regret to each other ... family life requires people to mutual respect, and if not, then you can cross the line of what is permitted, and this is the first step towards the disintegration of the family ».

The son of actress - Yegor independent personality. Actor, he did not want to be, though, according to the parents, the ability he had. After graduating from high school with honors, he entered the Moscow State Institute and went through diplomatic channels. Egor now lives with his family in Germany. Natalya Selezneva believes that acting dynasty should continue grandson Alyosha, who was born in 1996. From an early age he showed artistic ability.

Natalya Selezneva three very close friends Tanya Kvasha - wife of actor Igor Kvasha, actress Luda Maksakova and Ira Mikhailov, who lives in the same house with Selezneva. Zodiac sign Actress - Gemini, and of astrology known that women of this sign are able to make friends. By his own admission, Natalia Igorivna not tolerate loneliness, even TV can not see one.

By their external data Natalya Selezneva always treated very skeptically. Maybe it's because I never considered myself irresistible. The actress has no braces, and she does not think to resort to plastic surgery. Natalya Selezneva never smoked, never drank, she was even stranger to the taste of alcohol.

The actress loves the warm milk with honey. There Natalya Selezneva and specialty salads beauty. Here's one recipe: "You have to chop the carrots, cabbage and beets, add back the juice of half a grapefruit or lemon, salt and sugar." From cosmetics actress prefers natural remedies and very trusted natural oils.

In the summer of Natalya Selezneva all the time in the country, there she has a favorite corner: there are birch trees, growing strawberries, flower forget-me. Such an untouched piece of nature. Not only in the country, but also houses the actors throw a variety of plants, from Andreev light hand that neither sit down - all taking root.

Natalia Andreychenko


Andreychenko Natalia was born in Moscow, May 3, 1956 Her father worked in an aircraft factory, and his mother - the Ministry of Education.

At the age of five Natasha first saw the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" and was completely captivated. At home, she was trying to dance all parties and since then fancied herself a ballerina. At the age of eight years, she has organized the production of the ballet at the school, becoming a director and choreographer, and the third class began to learn more and the music school of accordion. The ability of the girls were so obvious that my parents bought her a piano.

Another fad in those years, Natasha was swimming. However, to become a professional athlete, it was not going to, for fear that it will lose the grace of the figure. But in high school, she is seriously interested in literature and was about to enter the Faculty of the Moscow State University, in the tenth grade, but still decided to become an actress.

Getting creative activity

After the failure of the school Shepkin Natalia Andreychenko in 1973 entered the Film Institute, where she studied at the Sergei Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva. Already a sophomore played in his first film "From dusk to dawn" (1975).

In 1977, Natalia graduated from the State Institute of Cinematography. By the end of the fighting positions on its account was already five roles. The most interesting of those years - a large role in Tanjushi "Stepanova memo" (1976, dir. K.Ershov) and a tiny episode ("the girl on the cart") in "The Steppe" (1977, dir. S. Bondarchuk). In both cases, the very appearance of the actress became a full-fledged artistic way.

Prominence in the professional film circles Andreychenko acquired after starring beauties Siberian Nasty Solomin "SIBIRIADA" (1978) by Andrei Konchalovsky. Chubby, strikingly beautiful lass with a scythe slung over his shoulder on a swing flying over Siberia, over Russia, representing the type of woman ...

Role Nasty Natalia Andreychenko considers it one of the best in the creative biography. The film won the Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, but the director did not return from France to his homeland, so the Soviet box tape lasted three weeks. After filming "SIBIRIADA" Natalia turned to the Soviet delegation to travel abroad, and it was at the time equivalent to the reward.

Another work of those years where the actress was able to show his talent is the tragic role of Olga in "vendor and poet" Samson Samsonov.

Over the next five years Andreychenko actively starred in the average Soviet films and television movies ("Leaving - leave", 1978, "horses in midstream does not change," 1980; "Inspector Losev," 1982). And in small roles Andreychenko memorized - disrupted her talent. Each of her characters lived on the screen of his peculiar life. Directed appreciated about her is what is called "a sense of cinema" - the ability to sense the level is required for the expression of feelings, movie versions.


1983 marked the beginning of a new period in the work of the actress. That's when the screens went two most popular film with her participation: "Wartime Romance" by Pyotr Todorovski and "Mary Poppins, Goodbye" by Leonid Kvinikhidze.

Curvy chubby girl suddenly appeared before the audience glossy slender European ladies. A modern fairy tale about good sorceress - educator Mary Poppins was filmed in the best traditions of Soviet musical. Andreychenko played the title role, giving a paradoxical and controversial interpretation of a classic literary character. Actress very convincingly demonstrated all his choreographic and musical abilities, and the audience did not even notice that Andreychenko sang songs to the music of her husband Maxim Dunaevskogo voice of the future pop star Natalia Vetlitskoy.

The role of Luba Antipova in the film Peter Todorovski "Wartime Romance" remains the top acting career Andreychenko. She brilliantly played a woman who went through the horrors of war, loneliness and achieved a normal life and the simple human happiness. The actress managed to bring and a certain social type, having played it in a melodramatic movie lines, and give the fate of generations, raising his personal drama to the level of serious historical generalizations.

In 1984, at the International Festival of Valladolid, Spain, Andreychenko received the award for Best Actress.

During the 1985-1988 years, the actress starred in Alexander Belinsky in the musical film "Maritsa" and melodrama Ernest Yasan "I'm sorry" (with Igor and Victor Kostolevsky Merezhko). The eighties were the most successful in the work of the actress. The success lies in its unusual talent, which combined real drama and playful. Andreychenko played bright, energetic. Her heroines cried and laughed, danced and sang. It is no accident for three years, she recognized as the best actress of the year.

Romance with Maximilian Schell

The first husband was Andreychenko Maxim Dunaevskii. In 1984 he arrived in Moscow famous director Maximilian Schell, to make a film about Peter the Great. Natalia Andreychenko at this time auditioned for the lead role in the film "Winter Cherry," but she chose Helen Safonov. A sample from Shell for the role of Evdokia Lopukhina were successful. Lovelace Shell at the time broke a lot of women's hearts, but none who did not offer his hand and heart.

The love story Andreychenko and Shell touching and romantic. After one of the shooting days, he suggested, Natalia dinner together. "Can you imagine, while dining with a foreigner! Yes this was impossible, - says Natalya. - So I explained, without an interpreter can not be our dinner. But since we did not find a translator, then went-still together. I - not a word in English, it is - not a word in Russian. At the restaurant napkin he drew me everything feels, moon, heart, and the bridge, where we had the first meeting ».

Then there was a long separation. Natalia called the Lubyanka and demanded to part with Schell. But then came the restructuring, Andreychenko divorced Dunayevsky and 11 June 1986, married Schell.

The latter is well-known Russian public role of Natalia Andreychenko before leaving for the United States - Katerina Ismailova in the film by Roman Balayan's "Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District" (1989), where her partner was a handsome bearded Alexander Abdulov. The special flavor of this role, built on bloody love affair, gives the fact that the shot Andreychenko already being pregnant by Shell. The shooting continued until the eighth month of pregnancy.

In America

Shelley Natalia lived for almost 16 years, the first five of which were held in Moscow, Natalia, then in America. After settling with his family in the United States, Andreychenko been studying the language, singing, choreography, attended acting school in Hollywood, learning the basics of American acting.

Going beyond Maximilian Schell Andreychenko tried to spread his fame beyond Russia and the former Soviet Union, where her adored after the film about Mary Poppins and "Wartime Romance". However, even the husband's support has not brought the desired results. The role of Princess Maria Nizamova in the TV series "Dr. Quinn - a woman doctor" - hardly a worthy use of force for the actress, who had the opportunity to work with the best national directors.

In 1993, she starred in the Italian (!) Sergei Bondarchuk's film "The Quiet Don" in the role of Darya, once again met with his teacher on the set. In 1994 Andreychenko starred in several Hollywood films, "Night Watch", a film Schell "Candle in the Dark" and "Little Odessa", which received the "Silver Lion" at the Venice Festival in 1994

Returning to Russia

In June 1999, Natalia Andreychenko visited Moscow during the noisy celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Pushkin's birth to the idea of ​​a "Pushkinlenda" - a country that is home to the heroes of fairy tales, similar to the well-known to all the "Disneyland". The venture was hanging in the air, and as a remembrance of their stay in Russia remained part Andreychenko (under the pseudonym "Natalia Deceived"), Gregory of Constantinople in the film "8 dollars", where her character voiced by Renata Litvinova.

Never becoming a leading actress in the United States, Andreychenko returned to Russia. Marriage with Natalie Schell was not straightforward. After the departure of Andreychenko in Russia, Maximilian Schell did not insist on living together, and the couple began to live separately.

The German newspaper «Bild» immediately announced that the couple intend to dissolve the marriage. These rumors were immediately picked up and other publications. However, when a few years ago, Shell had an attack of pancreatitis, and he spent almost a month in the hospital, Natalie was always inseparable with him. And only when the danger was over, he returned to Russia.

Now Andreychenko states that: "The news of our divorce for both of us was a shock. Max was outraged. ... We have the relationship with Max is always built on love, on a full understanding and respect. He has always worked in the same way as I do, around the world. We flew, we met, we flew - it was in all the years of living together ».

In 2000 Andreychenko starred in two new paintings Russian filmmakers - "Formula for Happiness" and "Give me the moonlight».

In the melodrama "Give me the moonlight," she starred with Nicholas Eremenko (it was one of his last roles). The story of how the couple try to figure out their relationship, learning about the betrayal of one another. Critics have met this pretty cool movie. But Natalia reacted to this calmly: "I care how the audience will accept this picture».

And the audience accepted it! Natalia Andreychenko says: "Indeed, there are always wonders took place after watching this film. How many people I have helped! They were mostly men. They went straight to the scene, some crying and asked them to reconcile with their wives. "Only you know what I mean. Call Lubke, I beg of you. Tell me what I ask for forgiveness, even for five minutes, let me on the threshold. Suddenly, I can do it, as you have in the picture, "- says the man».

Another painting - "The formula of happiness" - a thoroughly modern story that takes place in today's Russia, with its wholesale markets, casino, beauty contests, the "new Russian" and the homeless. Andreychenko played the role of a woman named Nick, who is always something good in life and is happy in spite of the difficulties and hardships. This is the approach the filmmakers and was called "The formula of happiness».


Children Andreychenko clearly have artistic abilities. The eldest son Mitya (from his first marriage Dunayevsky) was already known at the school as a great guitarist and artistic director of the school orchestra, which is also composes music. He currently lives with his mother in Moscow. The youngest (daughter Natalia and Shell), Nastya, showing the ability of the ballet. She lives with Shelley in Los Angeles.


In 2003, the actress has plunged into politics. She spoke in a new role - the vice-president of the Republican People's Party of Russia, known as the Party of Alexander Lebed. Under the wise leadership of Mary Poppins NRPR should become "the party of kindness." "My task, - the actress - as a public figure and as a woman and mother - that good ideas have come to understand the people».

Evgenia Simonova


Yevgeny Simonov was born June 1, 1955 in Leningrad, in the famous family of intellectuals. Father Pavel Simonov was a great scientist, a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and her mother Olga Vyazemskaya taught a foreign language. Evgenia Simonova brother Yuri Vyazemskij later became famous as host of the popular TV show "Clever Boys and Girls».

An acting career Eugene for the time did not think. She studied dance, she graduated from music school Gnesins. The decision to enroll in a theatrical institution it is closer to the end of high school. In 1972, Eugene Simon entered the drama school Shchukin the course of Yuri Katin-Yartseva.

The first successes in film

Already in the first year, the debut of a young actress in the movie. She played the role of Masha Popova pilots in the film by Leonid Bykov "go to fight some" old. " Eugene P. tells how it was approved: "I arrived in Kiev in May 1972. Just blooming apple trees. On the stairs of the pavilion saw the Dovzhenko Film Studio Bykov. Very worried. And he just shook my hand, and the excitement has passed. I realized that all will be well. There was a small sample, and the director took me right away. I think Bykov his godfather in the film ».

Actually, it was a small role, a few scenes close-up. However, the beautiful smiling young girl remembered many viewers. A couple of years later, in 1975, Simonova already started talking about the whole country. This happened thanks to the famous sitcom George Daneliya "Athos", where her character was trusting, naive nurse Kate Snegiryov, fell in love with plumber Athanasius, played excellently performed Leonid Kuravlev.

Equally touching image was created by an actress in musical TV movie directed by Vladimir Gorikker "Under the Roofs of Montmartre" (the film adaptation of the famous operetta by Imre Kalman's "The Violet of Montmartre"): a modest flower-girl Violetta Chevalier will of fate and the efforts of friends becomes the star of operetta.

The first marriage

In 1975 came another reel of film with Evgenia Simonova: Adventure "Lost Expedition". The actress landed a role there Tasi Smelkova, Smelkova daughter of a professor who headed a geological expedition to the Siberian river Ardybash where, according to local residents, it was gold. Partner of the actress in the film was the famous actor Alexander Kajdanovsky. In the picture, they love playing and then transferred those feelings to life. Soon after the wedding. However, lived together for Eugene and Alexander long: they were too different people ...

In the short-lived marriage with a daughter Yevgenia Simonova Zoe (born in 1977). Later she went to their parents' footsteps, becoming an actress.

It should be noted that after the success of "Athos" and "Lost Expedition" on Simon literally inundated with invitations to various roles. However, because of her pregnancy, many rejected. She refused even to such masters as Joseph Kheifits and Nikita Mikhalkov. Kheifits offered her lead role in the film adaptation of Turgenev's "Asi" and Mikhalkov - the wife of the protagonist in "An Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano." What to do - did not work. But our heroine was still ahead ...

Mayakovsky Theater

After graduating from drama school in 1976, Evgenia Simonova came into the troupe of the Moscow Academic Mayakovsky Theater, directed by acclaimed director Andrei Goncharov. In the young, still inexperienced, but very well-known actress directors saw the perfect heroine, and Simon immediately began to play a central role.

Theater stage. Mayakovsky actress has devoted his entire life. At various times she has played in productions of "A Doll's House" (Nora), "Joke patron" (Apple Tree), "The Elixir of Love" (Lotte), "Confessions of Anna" (Anna Karenina), "Efficiency of obsession" (Tanya), " Seagull "(Nina Nina)," She's in the absence of love and death "(It)," The smoking area "(Kate)," Look who's here! "(Alina)," Long live the queen, viva! "(Mary Stuart ), "Valencian madmen" (Erief), etc. Her heroines featured openness, vulnerability, warmth and clarity, aching tenderness and great charm.

In 1984, for roles in "The Life of Klim Samgin" (Lydia), "Rumor" (Batyunina) actress was awarded the State Prize of the USSR, and in 1995 for his role in the play "Victim Age" was awarded a prize named after KS . Stanislavsky and the award of the Moscow government.


But back in the 70s. After a brief pause caused by the birth of her daughter, Evgenia Simonova was once again on the set. Once again, waiting for her success. We are talking about the wonderful picture of Mark Zakharov, "Ordinary Miracle," which starred the color of the national cinema: Oleg Jankowski, Alexander Abdulov, Andrei Mironov, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Irina Kupchenko, Yuri Solomin, and many others. For a young actress it was a real exam, which she passed with honor. Her delicate, charming and at the same time a boy took a decisive Princess captured the hearts of millions.

Widely known for the dramatic story that happened during the filming of this movie. The final farewell scene was shot in Ljuberetsky sand pit, the bottom of which was a huge puddle. Around her and settled the actors and the whole crew. Closest to the pool came Simonov. Suddenly, it all started to go into quicksand - the waist, on the chest ... is next Abdulov rushed to help her, but his strength was not enough. Fortunately, firefighters were close, and only with their help, the actress was saved from certain death.

End of 70th - first half of the 80th - the flowering of creativity actress. Besides those already mentioned roles played by Yevgenia Simonova English teacher Valentina Romantsova in the hilarious comedy "Bellman" singer Jill Hart in the television series "Rafferty" Anna in the melodrama "The wedding day will have to clarify," student Alexander Moroz in the melodrama "A Test for the specialty", Alphonsine in the film adaptation of the novel "Teenager" Fyodor Dostoevsky, Lisa in "Children of the Sun».

We should also note the role of Anna Snitkina in the film "Twenty-six days in the life of Dostoevsky" - work worthy of the master. That's one of the reviews: "The main success the film - the image of Anna. E. Simonova believe at once, without any reservations. Do you believe in even the writers invented episodes. Here she is with all the ardor of youth, shames a police officer and pulling out of the hands of the writer's stepson Chinese vase, designed for the mortgage. It's like a premonition of the future of Anna - bespristannoy long struggle with creditors, with the writer to strip the relatives of the struggle for peace everyday writer, for his ability to work safely. Anna lives in the film, especially noticeable near the monumental inner zastylostyu screen Dostoevsky. She is beautiful and in a minute "unjust" rage after his first meeting with the writer, although its outbreak in the film is not quite psychologically justified. Anna was not only a great writer, idol of Russian youth of the time. She walked to the man who was in love with his childhood ...! (Kuznetsova "Dostoevsky: image appearance»).

Second marriage

In 1983, on the set of short film "When playing Bach's" Eugene Simon met with director Andrei Eshpai. This meeting was happy. Eugene P. married, and since then they are together. Surrounding the marriage is considered almost perfect. In 1986, the couple had a daughter, Maria. Later she graduated from the State Conservatory and became a famous pianist.

The transition period

Many actresses are sensitive to the "transitional" age. Just yesterday they were young and beautiful, but today ... I Evgenia Simonova midlife crisis was not. She once went easily with roles princesses on the role of mothers main characters. The actress talks about it philosophically: "First of all, I myself at age 21 became a mother, and in the 44 - to his indescribable delight - a grandmother. And secondly, I've never been a beauty, so I was not much to lose. I remember all of a sudden in the 30 years I felt a little sorry for the young. I began to notice changes in his face and started to get upset. Then, after reading an interview with 52-year-old Sophia Loren, I realized that my suffering unoriginal, because mid-life crisis - the most common, and calmed down ».

For a period of Evgenia Simonova was out of the cinema, but it was caused by objective reasons - in the 90 years the country was filmed few movies and even less good pictures. Returning to the screen took place in the new century, including through a spouse Andrew Espa.

"Children of the Arbat»

One of the first great works of the new century Evgenia Simonova despatched to the role of Sophia Alexandrovna in a picture of her husband, "Children of the Arbat". At first Andrew did not plan to participate Eshpay Simonova in his film. Eugene P. says: "'I'm going to star in" Children of the Arbat "?" - I asked. "And who are you going to play?" - "I love my mother." - "She's old. It has to be mature than you are. " - "Why? Sasha Pankratov 23 years, and I am 46. Normal age. " In the end, I persuaded him. And we began to change the old, I no longer painted, let go of the hair that got out of gray. As a result, after the first night I asked, "Jack, have you got that age make-up?" And I laughed at Andrew: "You see, while you were afraid that I would look young." No special make-up on "Children of the Arbat" I did not have, though, is there such a passive role, which, like it or not, you start to look older ».

When creating an image of Sophia Alexandrovna Evgenia Simonova helped her memories. At the time, my father told her about his mother as the one expelled from Leningrad, secretly returned to the city, visiting relatives, spent the night at the railway stations. Constantly hovering over it the threat of being sent to the camp as a "wife enemy of the people." These stories are etched in the memory of Eugene Simonova for life.

Evgenia Simonova work in "Children of the Arbat" has been adequately appreciated by specialists. In 2006, the actress was awarded the Prize "Golden Eagle" for best actress in a TV movie.

"Talisman of Love»

In 2005, Eugene Simon first appeared in the long-running project - the series' Talisman of Love. " Prior to that, she already had experience of working on the series: "Evlampiya Romanov. The investigation is a dilettante, "the same" Children of the Arbat ". But it did not exceed the number of runs of sixteen. "Talisman of Love" is provided as much as sixty! As an actress, who by his own admission does not watch soap operas, has agreed to this? She said: "When the theater director Alexander Nazarov offered the role and gave the script to read - refused. But he was talking to me, that even in the "soap opera" can play professionally. To eventually got good production, and the actors do not be ashamed of his work, that all is not confined to economic issues. It is no secret that one of the main reasons that pushes us actors to star in the series - is money. And I agreed. " In addition, Eugene Pavlovna, in her confession, caught in the series that is the history of the family: "I myself grew up in a big happy family, and it's feeling crowded house very dear to me. I do love family history. I'm always interested to read about it and watch ».

Heroine, Yevgeny Simonov played in this series - a woman, a mother who stands at the head of a large clan. She's trying to keep this house and really wants all of its inhabitants were happy, but the error of her that she begins to simulate the fate of their children on their own likeness, his conception of what is happiness for them. Theme, relevant at all times.


Each actor or actress is a cherished part of which they dream. Eugenia Pavlovna was lucky - his cherished movie role she played. She became a sculptor Kira melodrama Andrew Eshpaja "Dots" (2006). The film is the story of Viktor Nekrasov lay down "Kira" about a successful Soviet skulptorshe-monumentalistke, entangled in the memories of the past.

And so it happened.

Who are these people?

But where?

The reasons are several.

It's a mystery.
I understand that.

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