Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin showed his castle in the Mud

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin were not allowed into the house, "yellow journalism", but serious INTERIOR reporters did not give up. So, in fact, the first detailed survey of the castle Galkin became public.

Above the housing star pair worked architects Vera Gorlitsyna and Anatoly Golev, who shared with the magazine "> Home and Interior features of this project:" As part of the designated type structures (lock) was not easy to find a solution - too many examples in the history of architecture, too many choices . Fortunately, there were a number of restrictions that narrowed the choices and ask the right direction. Determining become elongated shape of the site - the top 11-meter hill - and the presence of many old (200-300-year-old) trees on the property, which would save ».

"For a while we were working on the project, a lot has changed in our lives, children have grown, new interests, and we ... are very used to this crazy but exciting work, when every day was painted from morning till evening, and there was no free minutes. Change the social circle, interests, even habits. Now gradually entering a calmer rhythm and plan to write a book that will tell about this exciting work in detail. This experience should not be forgotten, it should comprehend, it is worth sharing "- that's architects.

Galkina castle in the village of mud shine some of otherworldly luxury, and one can only envy Borisovne Allais, who moved into the palace on the Rights of the wife of Maxim, and hence the rightful mistress.

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