Women with small breasts and women with large breasts - the differences

Women with large breasts:
 - Can always catch a taxi
 - They always give way to the best seats in the bus
 - It makes a simple jogging very spectacular sport
 - Leave a dry log, which is read while lying in a bathtub
 - Have an additional argument of impact (on the men who lower their growth)
 - Usually can easily find popcorn dropped by after watching a movie
 - Always carry a little more money
 - Is always best to swim
 - Know where to look first of all in search of fallen catkins
 - Are rarely without a partner to slow dance
 - Never buy cars with airbags
 - And another beer they always have somewhere to put

Women with small breasts:
 - Do not cause accidents on the road every time lean
 - Always look younger
 - Drops of food and crumbs are always spread out on a napkin on your lap
 - Can always see their shoes
 - Can easily sleep on my stomach
 - There is no problem to drive a small car
 - They know that people can easily read the entire label on their shirt
 - I know that everything that does not fit in your hand - unnecessary excess
 - May be late to the theater and sit down without disturbing the entire series
 - Can go to aerobics without risking to send yourself a knockout
 - I never heard in the address of the word "silicone


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