Combi oven - the choice of professional chefs

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Professional cooks prefer to work with the best, high-tech equipment. The functioning of these units allows cooking food in large volumes, provides a large number of persons visiting the institution.
Combi oven — the choice of professional chefs
In our kitchens of various restaurants, canteens, cafés increasingly seen Combi oven, which is a kind of heat of the cabinets. Application this unit allows you to use different methods of cooking. This gives the possibility to use the kitchen space most efficient, and also allows you to save on electricity consumption.
Arguments in favor of functional equipment obvious!
Professional chefs buy models of Combi ovens from top manufacturers! This equipment will easily replace about 70 % of the devices previously used in the kitchen. These units cook, bake lots of delicious dishes, baked, fried, stewed products in the volumes required.
It is not all advantages of buying and installing the Combi oven. One can cite other arguments in favor of such advanced equipment.
  • The presence in the kitchen of one Combi oven allows you to simultaneously prepare required number of dishes that require the identical temperature.
  • Installation of the unit ensures faster cooking, as the design includes temperature controllers, humidity.
  • It is noteworthy that the weight of the cooked in the Combi oven products remains virtually unchanged.
  • Inside the chamber of the unit uniform air circulation that is beneficial for uniform cooking from every side.
  • If in the Combi oven is simultaneously cooking a number of dishes, you can not worry about mixing different odors is excluded.
  • Users are impressed by the full automation of the operation of the unit. This makes it unnecessary to constant monitoring of the stage of readiness of food, eliminates the rollover ingredients.
  • The repair functional model will certainly be more quick, light in comparison with other kitchen appliances.
Cooking delicious, most useful food is easy!The food, prepared in the camera model, is certainly as useful as possible. The components of the dishes are stored a full range of valuable minerals and vitamins. The unit enables minimum engagement of fats. Ready delicious salt, spices are present in very small quantities.



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