Profession – Wife Of The Deputy. The Luxurious Life Of The Bureaucratic Wives

Recently American Vogue pushing one of the famous Moscow fashionistas – they say that it is one provides the sale of a luxury brand Rodarte, buying dozens of outfits of lace, feathers and "scales". This, in General, no wonder the news (you never know in Russia bohacek, prancing in fur and diamonds?) caused burning interest, when domestic media said, the family status of beauty: the wife of the Duma United Russia deputies. We wondered who else of the brightest secular girl has a reliable rear in the form of "statesmen"?

Ilona Stolie Husband: Vitaly Yuzhilin, a member of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes

The same lady that was reported on by Vogue. She surprised him fashion experts "ability to combine decoration with a sports suit" and the fact that he compared the purchase of "smart" clothing Rodarte investing in paintings and other art. Our media has calculated that the brand owner has spent more than 30 million rubles. Almost all the pictures in Instagram Stole signed English. For example, this: "Here's how to wash your favorite boots"

Model, athlete, traveler, visitor, VIP parties and friend of the celebrities in this photo you can make an almost complete idea of what the life of Ilona. In the upper right corner next to our heroine, an American movie star Uma Thurman:

But, willingly sharing her portraits of children and friends, she coded her husband. There is only one photo of greeting happy birthday. The MP, who is able to recognize only well known with individuals denoted by the mysterious initials V. A. (Vitaly A.).

A couple of joint ops can be found in media archives.

2012: the film premieres in the hall "Barvikha Luury Village" in 2012 (photo: Valeriy Levitin / RIA Novosti)

2015: at a charity event on the French Riviera

In 2013, the state Yuzhilin was estimated at $ 600 million, but then he sold his logistics company and was eliminated from the Russian Forbes list. Judging by the recent parliamentary Declaration, his income in 2014 was modest – about 4 million rubles. However, as far as can be judged, the family is not impoverished. (Read more about their luxurious life can be read here).

Elena Scorcher

Husband: Andrey Skoch, the Deputy-the United Russia, a member of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and relations with compatriots

Quote from Tatler: "Skoch tirelessly showered Elena with signs of love like a diamond diadem or private plane A-320 with icons on Board. With Regal equanimity Elena is oblivious to evil tongues, ascribing spouse, member of the Interfactional parliamentary group for the protection of Christian values, not Christian dashing past. Anyway, checks to charity a couple of signs downright disarming".

And again: "the Breadth of the soul of the Deputy of the state Duma (Andrei Skoch) is generally measured in carats," writes the magazine is openly hinting that, in the most luxurious jewelry boutiques of Paris and his wife know, as a mother.

2012: on the birthday of the President of the jewelry house De Grisogono at the club with the telling name Billionaire ("Billionaire") in Sardinia. (Photo: Valeriy Levitin / RIA Novosti)

By the way, there, in Sardinia, according to the secular gossip, Elena throws a Grand party for the most influential and wealthy friends. And yet never misses a glamorous party during kinofestivalja in Cannes, where, of course, sails on a yacht.

Elena Scorcher with the Italian wife of a millionaire, a Manager of Formula 1 Flavio Briatore

According to Forbes, a Scotch with a fortune of 5.7 billion dollars (investments and industry) is included in the top 20 richest Russians. The same Forbes in 2014 announced the divorce of the couple, but probably it is a mere formality. According to later Chronicles, Tatler, Andrew and Helen are still together.

Alena Soboleva

My husband (ex): Ildar Samiyev, the Deputy-Eser, a member of the land and construction Committee of the state Duma

And this couple really collapsed in 2014, and Alena had something to lose. Again, speaking to Tatler, the one and only chronicler of the Russian super elite: "my Husband Alain bathed in luxury beyond kitsch. This marriage was everything: a private jet trimmed in ostrich leather, the world's only Bentley Mulsanne Canary yellow, the concert of Alla Pugacheva on the birth of a daughter Eva, the dress from the petals of a rare light green carnations, yellow diamonds the size of a walnut."

That's clove dress (it is the same in the first photo above):

And here is the unique machine on the streets of Monaco:

However, Bentley is not the most expensive gift for languidly bored of the Queen of light. In 2011, for example, she received a birthday castle on lake Geneva.

Lucky for Alyona, to withdraw from the luxury is shortly after her divorce from the "king of real estate" by Amievil (whose official annual income, by parliamentary Declaration, is ridiculous 3.9 million rubles), the lady was comforted by the attention of a new billionaire. In fact, "you never know in Brazil Pedrov..." in 2012: still the wife of the Deputy with another designer at the party jewelry house De Grisogono in Moscow. (Photo by Valeriy Levitin / RIA Novosti)

Svetlana Zakharova

Husband: Timur Ivanov, the General Director of "Oboronstroy"

For a long time this lady "with a charming smile and an iron grip", the owner of exclusive boutiques, was known under the name of Maniovich. With businessman Mikhail Maniewicze they were married 15 years, divorced in 2009 – has publicly and quite dirty, after which socialite has the nickname "the bloodthirsty". 2007: the couple Maniovich at a charity dinner on the Cote d'azur. (Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti)

Glossy press is enthusiastically rinsed them, here are just a few quotes.

Michael: "My wife requires a minimum of 50 thousand income per month!" (obviously not rubles – approx. Anews) "When you divorce the wife taking the kids. Then comes the cute lawyer: "I Want to see the children? 100,000 per month". For what?" "Fashion business Svetlana was absolutely unprofitable, and I plugged the holes. One day my ex-wife said, "I'm over the 15 years progressed. Unlike you. I became a style icon, a specialist in the fashion world, and you who was, and still is". Style icon – it's super, but it's my money. If you pull the plug, then there will be no style."


"Mine will still be mine. I, in all conscience, in the marriage owns half of it. I'm not going to fight, fight, not even going to want it – but still get". Left at the ball of fashion and beauty 2010. Right before the gala dinner in the largest international conference dedicated to the luxury Moscow hotel Ritz-Carlton, 2008. (Both photos: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti)

Familiarity with new husband took place in 2007 on one of the social events, Timur Ivanov was at that time Executive Director of "Rosenergoatom". Rejected husband Maniovich then considered him "boy-gigolo". But, it turned out that the current head of the "Oboronstroy" is able to satisfy the VIP requests "the most influential blondes in Russia."

2008: Timur and Svetlana at a ball at the "Tsaritsyno", yet in the status of the lovers (Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti)

For example, she immediately moved from red Bentley, presented by the former husband, on a black Aston Martin, presented a new. Then "persuaded" Timur the purchase of a new apartment in a two story townhouse apartment on Ostozhenka. Here's how Vogue described it: "I had to see a string of expensive apartments with low ceilings, pretentious and old-fashioned finish, before she met this one: spacious, light-flooded, open to all winds, like the deck of a ocean liner and at the same time very private, separated from the rest of the world, as a fortress".

Happy wife of the man in charge of housing for the military, not without "simple little pleasures": the husband every day gives her flowers. "Very heavy flowers, a hundred flowers at least. Once sent the basket, which was five hundred one Tulip" — boasts Timur.

And here are a couple of notable secular divas that prefer not to advertise their high-ranking husbands.

Miroslava Duma

Husband Aleksey Mikheev, the Director of one of departments Минпромторга

Natalia Dubovitskaya

Husband: Vladislav Surkov, assistant to the President of the Russian Federation (First photo: Valeriy Levitin / RIA Novosti)

Svetlana Bondarchuk (right), photo from Instagram of Natalia:



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