Anna Husak: "I do only what is in my inner response that fall in love with"

Anatoly Golubovskii h6>

< Anna Husak - Co-Founder / Owner at Soul Voyage - By itself throughout the world and a teacher of Taoist female practices Reiki Master and teacher, body-oriented therapist, art therapist in Kiev.
I'm not there all the words to be honest, in the description of the activities realized stupidly copied from an account in fb. What is more important: Anya - woman in constant search, my dear companion and virtuoso closed answers. And, yes, and studiets Black Square

< -Nachnem traditsionnenko where born / I grew up
-In Berdyansk. Twenty years lived by the sea, there already was a university student.

< Anya was -What school?

-Otlichnitsey. Or close to it

< -Zanudoy?

-No. "I see the goal, it is necessary to make, it is necessary to have 5»

< -And what were the objectives? Get 5 - and all

< -Ucheba above all?

-In School - yes

< -A besides school?

-Kruzhki ... Dancing engaged

< -What?

-C Five or six years and fourteen were folk and oriental and ballroom ... A lot of things

< -And what about "I see the goal, it is necessary to do»?

-The Main emphasis was on the school: parents are so educated. And for the "quartet" got it ...

< -And as relationships with parents?

-Do Not looking at all - good

< -In any adventures at school you pulled?

-If A class - then yes. The board smeared with soap / wax, anything else ...

< -So, was ready to go after someone, but she did not initiate?

-In School - no. But the boys fought

< -yx you! And how successful?

-As A broken nose opponent

< -Wow? You can ask - it skills with ballroom dancing, lupila with "pinwheel»
-Neet)) There was a period after the sixth grade, then a lot of fighting. But it was all in a playful way

< -Draka in the form of a game ?? You know, you can not believe it, but I remember the good school period. A couple of the girls in our class could vlupit heartily, some specific inherited. But to describe it as a game format, I do not dare

-Maybe I'm so perceive, and then it looked serious. But when the boys are molested or pulled the braids ...

< -Oh))) Then the question: "You often pulled the braids?»

-In School - yes

< -So, with the popularity of the procedure was. You understand why pulled?


< -A then understand?

-Now I do not remember

< Okay. You resented it then? Or raise your status? After all, when not pulled - it too ...

-Obidno))) ... Probably raised, but when it was too intrusive - irritated ...

< -A maybe because he did not pulled?

-And It was also))

< -Yasno. So, if you're the leader was not. And at the institute? By the way, where has moved?

-Berdyansky Institute of Management and Business, specialty - economic cybernetics.

< -It you suddenly felt a vocation, or other reasons?

-I Well versed in mathematical disciplines, information technology. Accordingly, the choice was - either economics or information technology. And this profession affected and that, and another, a sort of a symbiosis

< -A desire for the humanities, the arts took place?

-At That time completely absent. Logic, mathematics ...

< -Ponyatno. So, you came to college, I suppose, has made it easy, and there is ...

-I Started working at the age of seventeen - to me it was important to become financially independent from their parents

< Why was it important to you - because you have great relationships
-Vzaimootnosheniya - Is one thing, the independence - more. I am not from a rich family, I had certain needs that are not funded very willing parents. On the same night club to go

< Well, for girls it is not so burdensome

-And Yet - it costs. I had a desire to have their money.

< -Soglasen. AND? I do not ship the cars gone?

-No. Seller. At seventeen, something serious does not have to count on the minority view, and at eighteen - settled in a shopping center in the department, where they sold sunglasses and winter - caps. In general, I went to where took

< -And how ikspiriens?

-It Was the first job, so - was important. After the first year working in a supermarket ...

< -It was summer part?

-Yes. For a few months in Amstor. Sweets and tea. And then it so happened that at the institute where I was studying, I was accepted to work. When the university was the party "United Center", it was our rector and several professors. I was listed there, according to labor as "the chief specialist of Berdyansk district secretariat of the party" United Center ". Work in something akin to the secretary - a lot of trouble with
< You're for me, just opened a new page in the topic of employment. The activities of the party entered in the work book?

-Yes. Anyway, I have such a record))

< How did I know little about the life

-Prorabotala I was there, combining this activity with their studies at the university, about a year. According to the documents including at the full-time, but did not attend lectures. I come and handed
< -So, come and "well, you know who I»?

-One Year was. Then cut funding and closed down shop ...

< -Finansirovanie Party cut?

-Sekretariata. Stopped paying ... and all

< -A what were your responsibilities?

-Keep Track of documentation

< -Partiynuyu activity is not conducted?

-I Was assistant

< -So, while studying at the university you are directly involved in learning and the functioning of the secretariat of the party


< -Zhelaniem go on stage did not suffer?

-No. I was 18

< -A what does age?

-Probably, At anything. But in that direction, I did not even think. Once covered the secretariat, to return to the university with a visit to the lectures I did not want it to me was no longer interested

< -Ponyatnoe business. If you can do without it - why waste time
Well yes)) I translated the correspondence form, came only to take exams. I wanted something a little more, a little wider ...

< -A what exactly?

-I Start to pull in the big city

< -Rezonnoe desire

-It Two options - Kharkiv and Kyiv. Before that I did there, or there was not. Even when she worked in the party took a vacation, and we went with a friend - Week Kharkiv, Kyiv week. Friends were in both cities, to stay where it was. Kharkov was not my city, and in Kiev, I immediately fell in love. There was an internal response: "I want to live here»

< -In some particular area or just in Kiev?

-Just In Kiev. The parents were totally against

< Why?

-I Have my mother's only child, she wanted my daughter has always been side by side, almost flat in the house next door, let will make little, but next door.

< You're trying to explain to her that you clip the wings?

-Yes. But I have not heard - neither she nor my father (he, by the way, has a son from his first marriage). And the money to move one issue was not going to ...

< -And how did you decide this question?

-I Set a goal in earned money and moved to Kiev for a year

< -Work seller ??

-No. I was looking for part-time work over the Internet. Purely by chance I met a man who, doing business in the IT-sphere, experimented. Maybe, you know, there is a banner advertising ...

< Well, as you say ... I know))

-What Are you laughing ??))

< -We have a website. Everything's Alright. Keep))

-In General, at that time not very versed in this, he told me what to do, I did, the money went. It turned out to earn about three thousand dollars.

< You're writing the program?

-No. He wrote. He said that he needed to do, I recorded on websites. I was interested in IT sphere, I myself studied ...

<-stop. Register - it's not very IT-sphere. The user - not the programmer

-Yes. But if you write a specific program, it will go to a specific site ...

< -So it was you wrote or your partner?

-He Said, as do I myself wrote

< -All the same. You as a partisan - as long as an answer ...))

-I Said the man - how to do it, I did

< -The remarkable

-In General, anyway, my request to move has given me the opportunity to earn money. And I moved to Kiev, although parents were against oochchen, especially my mother. To my departure it was for her not so painful at first almost every week for a couple of days came in Berdyansk. Then I studied at the 4 course, still had to come to pass examinations. Then - to write and defend a diploma. I write and defend itself, did not pay for anything.

< -Sudya on how stressed you are the last fact, it is at present out of the ordinary event?

-Uchityvaya That I did not go on my own - so

< -What worked, moved to the capital?

-The First time appends a diploma. I was important to go out of their parents, to stay in his. About a month I have no longer worked. Then - he goes, protection

< -Two months cut off. What's next?

-Search Work

< -Dolgo?

How much time - I do not remember exactly. It was arranged by the supervisor in a call center. This is the one who says how and what to do, makes sticking ...

< -which is to whip

-Yes. With carrot and stick

< It's not really the specialty

Yes)) Well, that's because

< -So far all this way brings us to where in your life any Reiki and body-oriented therapy

-It Came later ... First, I had to go home - Kiev gave me a test, it was a difficult year. A friend with whom I moved, stole my card had been calls from the bank with notice that I have in the account minus ... However, it was found out six months after our separation. Another was a setup from the apartment ...

< How did you think, in light of your current specialty, why you then happened so absurd events? Was it just a test?

-I Now and then I - two different people

< Okay. What happened to you then it is not so?

-Green Was. Many things did not understand, did not see

< -What is?

-Not As good as thought, to understand the people

< -What you did not notice in others?

-I Always try to see the good in people

< above -Upomyanutaya girlfriend - really communicating with her was no "bells»
-Probably, I just did not pay attention

< Why?

-I Do not know ... I do not want

< Why did not want to? You came to the plate, from the pan belching steam. I decided that we should try. No problem. He burned. No, it's some garbage, for the purity of experiment let's once more?

-)) Well, so much was not

< -It you card utyanula !!

-So I could not even imagine

< -Shtuka fact is this: when a person can cheat in this way? When he wants to, and does not pay attention to the quite distinct signals. Just ignore, not let them into itself. Regarding the specific person or situation in life

-And You know, even a moment, I felt that I must go with this man to leave, but she is so much to me ran, I was uncomfortable vomit ...

< She's to you, or you ran it was just convenient?

-Probably Was convenient

< -What was your convenience for her?

-I do not know. Hard to say

< She's living at your expense, you're fueled her energy?

-Probably Energetically. She especially did not have girlfriends / friends, mostly she talked to me. I had a circle besides it

< She's jealous?

-Yes. Probably, it was important that there was something like that, and then maintain a relationship would be impossible

< -So, if not for this card ...

Yes, everything is possible ... When it's been a decent time and I began to call from the bank, she told me she wrote

< -Mdya ... Like the man who does not dare to go, although I understand that is all, but, damn it, no reason. And think: "If only changed, whether that ...»

-)) Approximately, yes

< -So ... You had to go

-Yes. Kiev I energetically squeezed impossibly ...

< -Bolno too different cities, even allowing for some money stock ...

-He Did not last long

< -And what about working in a call center?

-The Apartment I rented myself and paid there are not so many ... Returned to Berdyansk, recovered three months, bought the latest money clips, very much like

< -restores psychologically?

-energy. I'm very tired. The last few months has been generally on the last breath. I'll be there in Kiev - no idea. Leaves, zanesh "everything basta." Pobyla three months. Sea, vacation, everything is fine. But understand - there will no longer be able to, you need to field boring activity. And back - no money. But many began to change. I fell on NLP courses that are wanted for a long time, not poppin NLP, which is now, and really deep

< Do not quite understand the opposition, "then-now." And the ten, fifteen, twenty years ago NLP courses are different

-In Basically what comes now - it's in the spirit of "how to influence people," all very superficial and poorly

< -Open a terrible secret: is now the era of information technology. 90% of people - I'm sorry for a certain snobbery - looking for something siyusekundnoe. That stuffed like "how to remove the girl in 60 seconds." On the fig to learn something and to strain, if everything is possible and very quickly (well, I think so). In the furnace of long-term projects. Demand creates supply - that we see in the search for what we see

-Fact. Whatever it was, I have training lasted for a year. Eight or nine modules

< -Money training?

-Already beginning to work
< Where?

-month Looking, got the director

< - ?? Gentlemen of the jury! A month search from Berdyansk can find work director in Kiev! Director of the database?

-)) No. The IT-holding in a serious project

< -And how do you practice without a take?

-I Had a purpose ...

< -It gravely. Now I understand how to become directors

-)) I was understanding what skills I do not have to work in a managerial position. Were ambitions in terms of career. In Berdyansk I had enough time, I found a bunch of courses - Marketing, has all sorts of different ...

< -Online courses?

-Yes. The head is, there is a similar desire for. If you want something, you quickly learn. Prepare and start sending resumes on job managers, directors in IT-projects. At some point answer from several places, I even confused - good offers wonderful conditions. I came to the interview in the Ukrainian banner network, the owner - Olshansky. I did not know or who is, or what it is. I potestit recognized adequate and appropriate, and I stayed there for three years.

< Well, the fresh man until he open-minded on the fresh case there is a reason to invite

-The At that time was 12 years

< -Perhaps, at that time it was necessary to change something. Fresh look

-May be. But I found it very interesting, quickly came up to speed. There money is to invest in yourself. Predisposition to psychology was still at school. I can always look at the situation from the outside ...

<-stop. If you have this predisposition to the school, with what joy you leaned on economic cybernetics?

-Then I have had an interest in everyday life, not professionally planned. And here there was a serious, deep interest

< -In what point?

-First Of all, I wanted to deal with them, and people often turned to me for advice

< -For advice or professional life?

-By Life issues

< Who's, if not a secret?

-Tyanulis People. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues

< -And where you have such an outstanding experience?

-From Past lives can) often consulted with me, I could deploy to man his life situation and to show different angles

< -And then, too, could?

-Yes. I have certain abilities were and are. I realized that I needed to grow the tools to be able to not only deploy the situation, but also be able to help. Beginning with NLP, Reiki then came - too pure chance. Through the Internet I met with a woman who was a master of Reiki. The interest in healing, too, was a child - I wanted to help people, well, so, you know
< -I asked you: "What are the interests of a child?". Shy?

Well, it's as if there was a major

< -And how do determine that the ground, and that - no? I've been doing theater, journalism, like paint. It is not always on friendly terms with the time - yes. I sprayed - but a fig.


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