Otfotoshopte my photos (86 requests)

Continuing the theme from the entry period - people are asked to touch up their photos)) But how can they ask for and what pictures! See more of these "miracles»

Hello everyone ... "Do please avatorki photos from this with a black or gold background ... and if you can still sign on a black background gold color south Stl ... thanks in advance ...
Pts nuzho

FOR simplex, LAFKU AND IF !!! pliz, do what a creative, spectacular fotochku desirable to change the background !!!

pliiiz! it is very urgent !!! Each participant is guaranteed a nice yo))

Do something creative with this fotochki! tells a fantasy !!!

if it is certainly possible! and pliz, change the background)))

thank you in advance)

Hello, och, och ask to do something with this photo), it is desirable to hide the junk ... Simpo promise

Make this photo if you can sniff that I supposedly beautiful flower or Th something like that !!!

Well can I have this fote kakienibud black wings or like a dragon ... very beg ... Simpo guarantee ...

please make these pics a thread cool background, won for the second I published, the current was so nice Pts, well, if it is possible to make quality better, I promise Simpo laffku or IF !!! current hot !!! the second photo in the comments

If you succeed to remove the shine from the face - I think that I love you !!!

And a hand to make thinner ... it would be nice.

Zdelat pozhalusta in nintendo white background ... only pliz leave to brosleti in natural color ... and change the background to something inconspicuous ... Simpo garantіruyu

Hello .....)) can simply make a better picture? there is color and smooth t.d.bez everyone there flourishes and ornaments !!! for JGOFS!

Help me please !!! I would like to Valentine's Day give your loved one with a placard krylyami- let him know kt I actually;) I will be grateful if you Pts to the pictures do the wings, we can it in black and white format and outline in making ... very short Nena =) just want to that used to be beautiful

pliz if you can replace the background on not particularly bright! and if you can make that eye was red! and touch-up paint + cilia (pliz pravdopodoney).

She will send a photo to the army the young man!

For work - IF or lafki! Simpo ran

and 2 can seize a photo-quality and on the upper lip piercing to create one well that was like are real !!!

nice yo to those who create one

I would like, what would, well, there is retouched, and we can make a thread and another to the rear with the background thread that do)))) welcome own imagination, aimed at improving the pictures))))

replace the drive, Sims, and that there need to unsubscribe)))))) thanks in advance)))))

CAN create one get by the Life rodosney ETU Voto ... in bright colors and ... otenkom and understandable thing ... to remove all the shortcomings that much brosayuttsya eyes ... Simpo guarantee

Hello everyone! I beg you to do with the photo that's what transformation:

1. Change the background to black (to look like in this picture Sori I give a link to a lot of places do not take a lot of pictures)

2. If real push me away) to e so large bylo.Hot not fundamentally.

3. Hidden defects, which are on the face and lips to make more red, remove the light from the flash, I like atoms hypocrite (

4. somewhere took 2 spotless white T-shirt XD b [nj; t, se, hfnm

like all) thank Simpo required. Thanks in advance!

Greetings! Please create one that nibutinteresnoe, this cool photo! Simpo itself (th) beautiful! =)

Mona with entoy Fota chvonit repaired prikolnenkae?

You can please to paint one picture what the background ... all these calendars, speakers ... too much in general !!!

And to make animated avatar of 1 and 2 photographs measuring 150 by 150 !!!



pazhaluysta change the background on the pictures as soon as possible etoy lutche and write is not about me, it is possible to dream! love hurts ... difficult to leave ............... SeKsi M_A_A_S__K_A

and do not write it, you can dream about me! love hurts ... difficult to leave ............... SeKsi M_A_A_S__K_A

Sign pliz this picture: "Super Babes", "girls" well or "we are together" ...

It is possible to decorate anything, if you wish))))

Simpo guarantee !!!

Zdelayti me chtonit this fotoy and desirable sfonom someone to create one, and I will drive a nice yo)

Guys, please following: retouch the pictures given below for the presence of red-eye for instance, and as a background to do something of such things ... gothic or something)))

Hello everyone!

I want to make a gift to his little sister and give her poster with her photograph. Unfortunately this photo made unprofessional and, in my opinion, is oversaturated green. Can anyone help me and touch up the photo to get something really worthwhile? Please do not ignore!

Thanks in advance,


I beg you to make better the quality of the pictures and remove the background (make background on your taste), but also something interesting to do with it! Thanks in advance ... (the other pictures in comments)

Guys !!! Make pozhalsta different background, hair genuine ... and that the thread can add more to your taste, for il Simpo laffku! Thanks in advance

One thread can make Vampirchiki or ghoul with this picture? I've had a nice yo

For the second time speaking to your community) You talatlivye horror) In general as phot ... number one, if you remove the Mona me this seventh chin well and clean our faces ... Mona still that thread interesnenkogo sdleat brighter for example, or black eyes zamazat.Fota number 2) to have a different background) that the thread Beach or sea))) №3, -Add snowballs and skachonosti)

Distribution simpulek and shops is guaranteed 3 pictures -3 simplex 2 photos 2 simplex, 1 jib, 1 nice yo) advance many spaibo !!! №1

Make plyzz ... just keep only what is not well here in the foreground and in the background where you can see a person's leave to just that and the rest is clean and instead postavte black background and write a beautiful love that's open as a miracle man and makes this miracle a reality ... and make it such prekripite heart ... well poluchmitsya so sёrny background poem that I and a number which shows the person well and still frame and heart attached. that's it ... thank you very much ... please do everything as I asked!

Vsem privet ... o4en` prowu..vqdelite mne pozalusta glaza kak nit` kleva..nerovnosti kozi uberite ... i ramo4ku klasnuju, da i voobwe kak nit` peredelajte ee..obewaju simpu =))

If you can not fulfill my order, write in the comments.

In general you can remove the girl appears to be even a photo on the left, and instead of a handsome boy (not the guy!). Pre pasibo)

ZY simpochki put all without exception, who will try to make my order)

Hello everyone))) I have come for help ... can I just make the skin smooth and zahoreley)) But what would at least something was eyektno !!! And if you do avatars please do))) For simplex

Avik make an avatar, npishite her Elegance

Do something with this fotkay) Simpo if nado_.

You can do this type of amorous couple. !!! For simplex or IF !!!

Again, I come to you)) Please create something with this photo, change the background, but that was actually less)) In general, pofantaziruet, please)))

Make this fotoy Th something, if you can only change the background abruptly some sort, and ostolnoe at your discretion, for Simpo!

pliz do Avatar and can balyachku as a thread to cover (left eye) write Avrilka rose to blink and can deliver Simpo

Good morning, I fotochku sdelayse please ... Make what some cool patterns and that the photo would have been sweet! For simplex!

the background you can think of, such as cups or arena there are

and too little to reduce the waist)))

With my great thanks and simpulka!

Make it beautiful ... and sign kadetka and small = (heart)

prviet)) guys at the very fantasy is not enough for your photo, you can sdeaete interesting thread Th)) will be grateful Pts)))

HELLO EVERYONE !!! I have a huge request to you !!! Do something with this fyotografiey!) For quality work certainly put simplex / love =) It is necessary to remove red-eye, but to make them beautiful and bright, but natural, and can come up with an interesting background! Please help! :)

Please. It is very necessary.

Make pliz tail devils, background a thread-type oblochke, wings and write beautifully "PoZitiFny 4ёrtiG"

Pasiba !! :)

3 Simpo !!!

I can here the wings are black, you can even tail and horns, and fire or blood, huh?!))) Simpo all!

Make pozhalsta that the thread with the photos, like chtonit interesnenkogo)) In the heart simpushku il)

Help! hot brothers want to make a gift for the New Year!))) make a thread that aggressive and bright!))) thank you! Simpo all who help! pzhalsta! ..

hello all) beg otfotoshopte fotochku to your taste))

Maybe someone will do something with these pictures)))

P O M O D E & T !!!

change Please background made more interesting! (Pts ask, I just do not know what you can) Sign: "Beauty - in the eyes of a loving & quot ;, and the bottom sign -" can "(want to see something Morgan, moved or shimmered)

need for this MCH =) Help! =)

I beg you to change the background on soft blue and otblestit photo-hair, and everywhere where black viden.Nemnogo avtoredaktirovat (tone and color)

And another inscription added down until it gleamed silvery color-Neirate Mish!

The debt will not stay !!!

elayte please riginalnoe something at your discretion) you want to collage can ... your choice)) Chkem more options, the better ... Everyone, nice yo or laffka)))

Make pliiZz something drop dead)

And somehow towel to hide hDD

please do a background thread can be a beautiful well chtonit more to your taste)) Thanks in advance and repay simplex)))

Remove pozhalsta shameful background and chtonit your choice!

Ku-Ku) Help me please I love Pts your community and how you execute orders! You can mnu repaired chenit kravivoe with fotochki ??? Plizzz! With Simpo Mnu!

I hope you follow this order !!! Retouch this picture ... can remove defects from the face (black eyes, bumps ... In general, everything was cool 4toby !!!), well and fon4iGom 4ё thread create ... 4ё thread is a natural ... can tёmnenkoe can dym4atoe ... with a beautiful ramo4koy (o4en desirable !!!) ... thank for sympathy or serde4ko !!!! & quot;

Hello people, I have long been syudy not zaglyadova ...

Here Zagazig, do pliz picture.

Facial please even color (clean)

Pts ask!

Pozhalsta make another background or ghetto gangsta style !!! Och need !!! thanks in advance)


Can I have these photos, from what one can or wants to do yarns seksualnenkoe ...

Pts ask !!!

That photo ...

Unleash the imagination, but it is unnecessary izgalyatsya))

all that is possible priyatnenko background or just anything ... Pts cool if you like - for simplex !!!

Arrange nicely, think that the thread, change the background, add a thread that bright !!! What thread beautiful patterns with flowers intertwined !!! Only to the extent that would have been! In short the main thing so be nice !!! Adjust the skin, increase the cilia !!!

ere just a thread in the background and the subject ... to remove all the priests and the rear legs.

if you can like something, and something to do with these two fotami so it was one photo where only he and I (do not be afraid of it ... the love of evil faces fall in love with a goat) of these two fools that was not possible?

Take a picture in the style of r'n'b or bikes that have been beautifully ochistiti skin only pliz without animations !!! remove the background !!! Add a very beautiful and colorful lace or patterns! Let this phot is very bright ... Pasiba advance.

From me to do better !!!
nice yo
Please remove this picture from my hand a bottle, and I can do the piercing on his face lip in the middle, the bridge (the bridge), septum (well shorter than the ring like a bull), eyebrows and cheeks

you will please me very much if anyone vozmet work

Thanks in advance

for simplex edit photo and replace the background ... or creep its

You can on this photo

1.osvetlit picture (what would have been seen zaont)

2.KOZHU MAKE GLATKOY ... only not as backlight as usual (ZAGARELOY)

3. And to change the background on the forest and if it happens to rain

The people that make me something glamorous. and then I kill the background ... (

Please change the background, make a genuine and popushistee cilia and eyes brighter (blue) and in the second you want !!! Thanks in advance !!! if you want to give Simpo !!! Many thanks in advance!)))

But these pictures I would like to do everything on a white background, so there was nothing current white background, black and white as well as a vintage photo ...

I beg you to help us !!! We begin to dance collective of and closest friend and nemogli you this votografiyu sdela background with efect change something club ... and write (`El`Va`El`) large Bukavu ... In advance thank you so much !!! Tom whose work like Simpo ladies !!!

Ppivet guys who create one nit I Chota prikolnae Moyet background Pamina êàî shtob beat super lutshamu give Simpo !!!

Make avik flashing labeled GOLD_IN!

I beg you))) in exchange for 2 Simpo!

Hello) Please Make something with this fotoy) Anything in white and black colors and the rest ... well, at your discretion)

napifyte on this photo, "I'm so what is ... not ipЁt)" EU Mona tama shards do)

Do something cool with the photo (I would like some other background) .All of your choice, thank you in advance

Good people, please do so ... beautiful pictures on a photo with the guy ... do not ... patterns yrazite eyes, write "best" and with the background that the realties pofantaziruet ... and a photo of the girl background ... and playful eyes with lashes of arable land))) thank you in advance ... huge spasibochki))) Simpo guaranteed)) look forward to!

All greetings! Please do this photo chtonibud breath-taking! Thank you in advance)

And who can ... remove the boy, who is to the right ... I want to stay a boy in a red and nobody else ... just picture it is not necessary to cut the desirable ... please ... give Simpo ...



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